August 20, 2021

The lifecycle of the macadamia nut

December through March is when most of the blossom’s form on the macadamia nut trees in Hawaii. We have several beehives on our farm which help to pollinate the blossoms. We often have cold front that blow through causing heavy wind storms so we are always happy when we get through these months without any damaging winds that can destroy the blossoms.

Baby mac nuts then form from the blossoms.

The mac nuts continue to grow until they are large and round. They grow from March through August which is when they start to fall. Often nuts will fall prematurely if there is a period of drought or other factors stressing the tree.

When the nuts are fully developed, they fall to the ground. They are then ready to be harvested. All the nuts in our orchard are hand harvested and we pick the nuts daily from August through December. Some fall later during the off season as well so we continue to periodically pick nuts year-round.

Once the nuts are picked off the ground, they are then put through a husking machine to take off the outer husks.

Once the nuts are husked, they then go into open air bins where they dry for two weeks or longer. We rake the nuts daily to ensure they dry evenly. Then we sort through them and remove any nuts with holes, cracks, or discoloration. They are then ready to be shipped out to our customers!

Monika’s Mac Nuts are preferred by Birds and People with a desire for a very High Quality, Fresh Tasting, Nutritious nut. Our in-shell mac nuts are always Naturally Air Dried… Never Cooked (cooking robs the nuts of flavor and nutrition).

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