February 23, 2022

What Tools Do You Need to Crack a Macadamia Nut?

Weather they are raw, roasted or baked, macadamia nuts remain tough to crack open.
Using a nutcracker is good if you don’t want to risk damaging the delicate nuts inside by using a standard hammer to break them.
Exotic nut lovers who wish to save money on unshelled nuts may find that a macadamia cracker is a helpful tool. It is also helpful if you are dieting because it takes a little extra time to crack the nuts so you are less likely to overeat. It is possible to shell the nuts without shattering them using some of the most efficient macadamia nut crackers on the market. The result is a delicious, whole nut.

What Is a Macadamia Nutcracker?

The shells of macadamia nuts may be cracked by using macadamia crackers. The hardest nut on the market requires special tools to shell it. Regular nut crackers will not work. Using a commercial macadamia cracker to crack macadamia nuts may be more efficient than a standard tool to shell nuts. Some of the instruments are handheld, while others are powered by electricity.
We offer several different handheld nutcrackers on our website. Some are easier to use and work better than others. If you are only wanting to open a pound or two of mac nuts then the smaller hand held crack-a-mac nut cracker is a good choice as it is less expensive. If you are planning on eating macadamia nuts on a regular basis then I would recommend our deluxe or tiger shark nut cracker.
Macadamia nuts are a popular snack. High-quality metals used to make the crackers can withstand the high pressure needed to break through macadamia shells without breaking.

How to Crack a Macadamia Nut With a Nutcracker?

Using a standard nut cracker won’t be enough to crack a macadamia nuts. Macadamia nuts may be cracked open using hammers, chisels, and vices, among other methods. Markets offer a variety of macadamia nut-breaking technologies. In no particular order, these are the three most important:
The first one is the wooden handle and an elastic sleeve for retaining the nut, and it operates by hitting the nut on a steel braking plate (or another hard surface).
TJ’s deluxe nutcracker or the Tiger Shark Nutcracker from Hawaii puts stress on each nut separately. With lever action nuts crackers, you don’t need a lot of power, so they are ideal for children or anyone with weak hands.
The last but not the least method is by turning a handle (crack-a-mac nutcracker from Australia) that can you get inside to that delectable kernel.

Types of Nutcrackers

Tabletop Single Lever Nutcracker:

A lever-action nutcracker is the best choice if you want to break and shell many nuts. They have a sturdy construction that allows you to adjust the nutcracker to fit nuts of different sizes. It is easier for those with arthritis to use a nutcracker with a lever because it doesn’t require much pressure as a turn style or plier-type nutcracker.
In kitchens, lever-action nutcrackers are designed to be placed on a flat surface, such as a kitchen counter. To start the cracking process, push the lever all the way down until you have the pressure required to break the nut.

Nutcracker in the Plier Style:

The most common kind of deluxe nutcracker is a plier-shaped nutcracker. The nut can easily break apart thanks to the tool’s sturdy jaws and sharp teeth on both handles. Breaking open the hard-shelled nuts is extremely useful. This nutcracker’s sole downside is that it’s messy to use.

Nutcracker with a Screwdriver:

Just a few bends of the pin and your favorite nuts will be precisely cracked. A downside is though that turning a the screw may not be powerful enough to shatter every nut with hefty, hard shells.

What Tools Do You Need to Crack a Macadamia Nut?

Even the greatest nutcracker can’t break down certain nuts. Before using the nutcracker for the first time, you should check to find out which nuts it can handle. Plier-shaped nutcrackers are able to break down every one of the following nuts:
● English walnuts.
● Almonds.
● Hard-shell pecans.
● Brazil nuts.

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