Auto Shipment Program

We offer two types of auto shipment programs. Both of our programs offer our current lowest price per pound of $10.00/lb.

Stay Fresh Auto Program is the recommended one. For example, if you want to order 17 pounds shipped every month, then you would receive your order once a month from the months of September thru February. In March you would receive the remaining 6 months’ worth of shipments at one time.

Those shipments would be best stored in the freezer or refrigerator so that they will remain as fresh as possible during our off-season. By doing this they will keep their freshness and sweet flavor that many birds and people love!

The harvesting season here runs from August-January. If you do not have enough space to store that many mac nuts in your fridge or freezer, then you can do our regular auto shipment program.

Regular Auto Ship Program In this program you will receive mac nuts year-round at your scheduled preference time. For example, if you want 17 pounds shipped every 2 months you will receive them that way year-round.

We store the mac nuts in covered outdoor bins and are unable to store such large quantities in freezers. Keep in mind that during the off season the nuts will slowly start to degrade where some may become shriveled and just not quite as fresh. Most of the nuts will still taste good and are still fine for birds or people to eat. If possible, the way to keep them freshest is to put them in the fridge or freezer once you receive them and take them out when your bird is able to consume them within a month. If you don’t want to use a fridge or freezer, then storing them in the mesh bags in a cool, dry place will work as well.

If you decide you want to sign up for one of our auto shipment program please fill out the form below. Also, as mother nature “lava and hurricanes” has been very unpredictable the past couple of years, if something does occur where we may run out of mac nuts early, then I will email you and let you know.

Auto Shipment Program

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    Clients Reviews

    • "..., but I do need nuts as soon as possible, as my Hyacinth Macaw "Max", is finicky and your nuts are about 75% of his diet. I am attaching a picture of him, as one of your most loyal customers!!!"

      Jeanette C

    • “Thank you so much! My bird will be ecstatic to get them. You ROCK!”

      Lisa O

    • "We love your mac nuts! Our kids have so much fun cracking them, and I feel good knowing they are eating healthy."

      David W

    • "Blu our 3 ½ year old Hyacinth macaw absolutely LOVES your nuts! We've been ordering them from you guys since we've gotten him!"

      Andrea M

    • “Love your Mac nuts!!”

      Jonathan B

    • “My hyacinth loves your mac nuts! Your quality is the best!”

      Sarah C

    • I raise a lot of macaws, and particularly Hyacinths which require high fat diets. I've ordered from you before and found the quality quite good which is important to me. I'd like to set up to order 17 lbs /month under your subscription plan.

      Darrel P

    • "Great service, fast shipping, great product, great prices. Thanks for your help. I received my nuts for my Hyacinth Macaw Lilly, and she is a happy girl. Thank you!"

      Melissa R

    • “He is the Boss Baby of our house, and he loves your mac nuts”

      Andrea’s M’s Hyacinth Blue

    • We received our standing order of Mac nuts today. As always they are very nice. You are very generous to send us the 2 extra pounds at no charge. Our macaws love these yummy treats and the extra nuts are wonderful for training and positive reinforcement. thank you so much for your kindness.

      Regards, Deb & the flock

    • And thank you, the nuts are great. My wife and I eat some, however most are eaten by a large Macaw named Lily.


    • Just a short note to say "Thank you" for the wonderful macadamia honey which you enclosed with my recent nut order. The nuts are for our Green wing macaw, Carmen, but the honey will be for the rest of the family. It's absolutely delicious!

    • Thanks so much for the extra pound of nuts. These are the prettiest nuts I've seen in a long time! Our Hyacinth LOVES them!

      Love, Lee

    • We received our last shipment of nuts and were thrilled with the macadamia nut honey. We are enjoying it and thank you so much for sending it along to us! Please renew our subscription for next year at the same level.

      Many thanks, Bert

    • Good Morning Monika, Thank you for the great service on this order .As always, it’s a pleasure doing business with you.


    • Hello Monika Thanks for sending out the shipment. I will let you know how Buddy the macaw likes the wet nuts. Thanks for the information also. It is a genuine pleasure doing business with you!


    • Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list. Carmen loves the nuts. I'll send you a photo of him eating one when I get a chance.

      Aloha Bryan

    • Aloha Monika,The nuts and the honey are delicious !Thank you very much!

      Kind regards, Kasper

    • Thanks for everything. My Macaw cracked open the first nut and said"mmmm". I agree, great Macadamia Nuts!


    • Hello Monika,We had fun meeting you and hanging out at the farm the other day. Please let us know when you are ready to ship macnuts – put us on your e-mail list if you have one.

      The Goldens

    • Just another note of thanks. Winnie's macs arrived in the mail today. You have never seen a happier bird.

      Vickie & Winnie

    Monika’s Mac Nuts are preferred by Birds and People with a desire for a very High Quality, Fresh Tasting, Nutritious nut. Our in-shell mac nuts are always Naturally Air Dried… Never Cooked (cooking robs the nuts of flavor and nutrition).

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