February 03, 2022

Recommendations for Avian Product Suppliers


ParrotsRUS (C4AW) is a wonderful company run by Louann Ammirati. We supply her with our in-shell macadamia nuts to use for her mixes that she then supplies to her customers. She sells a wide variety of healthy bird food, treats and toys. You can even order freeze dried raw food mash. We regularly order her bundle boxes for our pet birds and highly recommend her products. You can find her products at www.parrotsrus.net



Royal Avian Specialties is run by Michelle Carollo who specializes in selling high quality avian products and toys. Her toys are wonderful especially for larger birds with strong beaks such as Hyacinth Macaws and Black Palm Cockatoos. You can check out her products at www.royalavian.com



My Parrottopia is another wonderful store owned by Bonnie Mano that supplies a diverse selection of healthy freeze dried avian food and supplements. Our birds love her unique products. You can find her products at https://myparrotopia.com/



Rock Star Pet Supplies and Gifts is a new local store here on the Big Island of Hawaii run by Melissa and Kim Kerr. If you live here locally in Hawaii, then they are a great place to check out for your avian needs. They sell a wide variety of bird food, supplies and toys. They also offer shipping to the other Hawaiian islands. You can check out their website at www.rockstarpetshawaii.com

Monika’s Mac Nuts are preferred by Birds and People with a desire for a very High Quality, Fresh Tasting, Nutritious nut. Our in-shell mac nuts are always Naturally Air Dried… Never Cooked (cooking robs the nuts of flavor and nutrition).

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