• Deb’s Delightful Birds

    “Let Monika know that all the large macaws get her nuts as treats but Lola gets a dozen every day. She requires a higher fat content in her diet & Mac nuts provide this and more for her.” ~ Deb

    Web Editor’s Note: My special thanks to Deb for correcting my misconception that parrots were in the fowl catagory. I promise never to make that mistake again. My apologies to all you parrots out there. Hope I didn’t ruffle any feathers.

    Lola (right) is a beautiful Hyacinth Macaw and Jesse (above) is a spectacular Greenwing. These two birds are Deb’s personal pets and companions.

    The wonderful birds below are ‘Sanctuary Birds’, and may be visited on the website www.squawktalk.org.

    Once at the website’s Home Page, click on the link for “no-R-birds Sanctuary” to see the many birds like Carly, Matilda, Michael, and Ollie ‘n Rainbow. How lucky these birds are to have someone like Deb to care for them.

Monika’s Mac Nuts are preferred by Birds and People with a desire for a very High Quality, Fresh Tasting, Nutritious nut. Our in-shell mac nuts are always Naturally Air Dried… Never Cooked (cooking robs the nuts of flavor and nutrition).

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